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Accept the Rules

Nguyen could have argued that the rule that cost him that pot was unfair, but he knew that fairness was irrelevant. The card was dead, no matter what he said or did. People constantly demand changes in the rules of other competitions,3 but poker’s rules are clear, consistent, and the same for everyone. So most people accept them, and arguments about them are infrequent and brief

Occasionally, someone complains: “I discarded my hand because he said he had a better one” or “because I could not see the cards.” That’s tough. The rules say that you must protect your own hand. If you don’t, you suffer the consequences, and nobody will have much sympathy.

The same principle applies to any type of handicap. In poker there is nothing like the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission or the Americans with Disabilities Act. There are no ladies’ tees, quotas, or special rules to help people who are disabled, older, younger, female, male, a minority, or anything else. You’re on your own, and nobody will help you.

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