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The Muscatedda

Wine Profile: Cantina Marabino “Muscatedda”, Noto-Sicily 2019


Throughout my many tastings during these last few weeks, in search of the best and most exciting wines to complement the dishes represented on Testaccio’s menu ­– not always an easy task, and at times challenging – I stumbled into this great and unexpected representation of Muscat and let me tell you….

It didn’t take me long to know that we had a winner here. This wine is so inviting, charming, delicate. The Muscatedda invites you right away with its aromas and floral character. It prepares you for what is coming next: that beautiful minerality, supported by that hint of saltiness due to the calcerous soil. It’s truly a unique white wine that’s not only great to sip on, but give us an ammunition at Testaccio for our menu pairing. The best match, for example, from our menu would be the Swordfish Kebab or Tagine.

I am always looking for wines that offer diversity and simplicity. Wines that would give us the options to best match these dishes. It’s always a discovery.

Coming from an odd place, in this case south east of Sicily by Syracuse in the Noto district, or as the locals call it “Buonivini” (best wines). But here they call the Muscat “Moscato di Noto”, or as they would call it in France “Petit Grains”, produced by Cantina Marabino.

Not to add too much, but the winery applies all the Biodynamic rules, using indigenous yeast and low intervention as some would call them … natural.”

Aldo Zaninotto owner + wine director

Testaccio + Osteria Langhe