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EATER: The Best Restaurant Week Deals for Vegetarians and Vegans

They deserve better than a few sad leaves of lettuce

Most Chicago’s Restaurant Week menus aren’t exactly friendly to vegetarians. And if meat-free options exist, they don’t exactly provide good values. Many restaurants don’t see the problem with offering vegetarians a few leaves of lettuce while omnivores feast on bone marrow and oysters for the same price.

But Chicago is doing a better job, and with frugality in mind, here are vegetarian-friendly Restaurant Week deals that are good for your conscience and frugality. Restaurant Week starts on Friday, March 19 and goes through Sunday, April 4.

Note: Some restaurants that do not have a vegetarian option listed are open to requests. HaiSous has consistently provided not only fabulous deals for Restaurant Week but they also have been very accommodating to vegetarians. Demera Ethiopian has also been a haven for vegetarians and vegans during Restaurant Week so be on the look-out for when they post their menus. In addition to the spots mentioned below, ROOH and Aba are currently excellent deals for vegetarians.

Testaccio is Logan Square’s Roman-inspired restaurant featuring flavors from all over the Mediterranean. Its Restaurant Week menu is for dine-in only but is a solid deal for vegetarians. What’s particularly exciting about their Restaurant Week menu from a plant-based perspective is that there are two options for the entree instead of just one. So if folks are dining out with other vegetarians, they can share entrees together instead of eating the same one entree together, but separately. Their $39 dinner menu includes highlights such as an herbaceous artichoke bisque, a classic orecchiette di cacio e pepe, and wood-fired Moroccan cauliflower with a farro tabbouleh and tahini, and its Roman chocolate bar with Nutella and raspberry.