A thoughtful selection of 35-40 wines will tour the Mediterranean with sections dedicated to amphora-made varietals. Classic and Traditional wines with low manipulation (sort of like natural wines, but unique in their own way) will be interesting and edgy and represent all of the cultures that call Testaccio home. Wine selections will change frequently as the seasons to always complement the kitchen.


The menu at Testaccio focuses on healthy foods cooked in a natural wood burning oven - the centerpiece of the restaurant. This allows guests a view of where the magic happens, and a front row seat to witness the care and attention put into making their food using traditional methods. With a focus on smaller share plates, our goal is to mimic the way food was consumed historically. As it is typical of Italians, cold cuts and salumi platters will be an example of starters for the table. There will be a mix of classic Italian dishes like cacio e pepe and carbonara, as well as Chefs’ Grant and Solomon’s modern interpretations that use Mediterranean flavors as source for inspiration.